A Shift To Online Education

One of the major changes that has occurred in the past few weeks and months is the worldwide spread of Covid-19 pandemic subsequently leading to lockdown. Before the closure of restaurants, places of worship as well as corporate world, it were the schools and colleges that were shut down. Surely no one among us was ready to face this pandemic situation, but still the education sector showed tremendous patience and within no time introduced the students to a new world of online education.

The prime motive of online education is that the students remain engaged with their learning and the faculty members ensure that side-by-side students continue to complete their syllabus and adapt this style of learning.

Physical classroom v/s the Online learning

The rise of online education however cannot sideline the thought that people had in their mind about the absence of “personal touch” and the classroom experience in the virtual classes.

Online educational courses has gained immense popularity among professionals and students pursuing higher education. This education calls for a well planned day schedule, self discipline, an attentive mind and definitely breaks the paradigm of the traditional classroom. A classroom involves face-to-face interaction with one or more teachers as well as peers but in contrast online education involves setting daily goals, bringing spirit of competition and a lots of self motivation.

But this is not where the story ends…it has a different viewpoint too.

The Negative Outcome

On the darker side, given that college and school students moved to online courses without much support, online learning is being done poorly in many regions of rural areas because of the inaccessibility to technology. The sole purpose of introducing online learning was to make learning accessible to each individual regardless of the living conditions and the accessibility to technology.

Another question which comes into mind is that if the closure of physical campuses continues to remain shutdown, some students and their parents will start asking why they should pay large tuition fees for an in-person experience they are not receiving. If the learning would continue this way only, so why not opt for another professional educator having more experience of online education and is affordable too?

Unfortunately this question still remains unanswered for many…

My Final Words!!

Certainly, I have felt that the experience has greatly enriched our learning system. Students get the best of both worlds with the internet helping connect them to resources from across the world. I believe that the multi platform will provide much more enhanced learning for our student community and allow us to experience the best of the real and the virtual world for their own benefit.

Happy Reading!!

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