My First Blog Post!

Hey everyone! It’s Raveena, an 18-year old C.S. undergrad student living in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Here, I am starting to write a blog for my self improvement and to hone my communication skills as well. I am blogging to create something productive for the readers. For me blogging definitely is an effective way to come out of my shell and spread some knowledge and thoughts about various things say developing one’s personality, studying & education, about failures and success, and most importantly about various aspects of LIFE…

Currently, I have joined an undergraduate course in Computer Science and have started coding in one of the most emerging programming language in today’s world i.e. PYTHON, my next target is to learn some web development platforms like Django or Flask and then contribute to some open source projects…

If you’re still reading my blog I appreciate you to be a patient reader. Please add some valuable suggestions and ideas so that I can improve.

Happy Reading!!

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